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Bringing New Energy To Our Historical Core Values.

Hamlet & Smith Inc. was founded by Mr. Leon Hamlet back in 1939.  Leon moved the company from Minneapolis, MN to Milwaukee, WI to take advantage of the heavy manufacturing base both in the Milwaukee area as well as most of Wisconsin.  Roy Smith joined the company as a partner in 1942.  That team worked together with other minor partners and then in 1967 they hired Michael Pierce from Minneapolis, MN.  As Leon and Roy came closer to retirement, they asked Mr. Pierce to relocate to Milwaukee and become President of Hamlet and Smith Inc.  Eventually in the 70's early 80's Mr. Pierce became the major stock holder of Hamlet and Smith until 2005. At that time, long time employee of 20 years Kris Holm bought the company.  To present date Kris Holm is sole owner of Hamlet & Smith Inc., which has evolved in a family run business with his wife Debbie, daughter Jessica and son Andrew among other long time employees.  In doing so is paving the way for the next generation of Hamlet & Smith.

Boker's Inc. Washer and Stamping's
Diamond Manufacturing Company
Sk Plastic Injection Molding


  • Boker's Inc. : Washers, Custom Washers, Stamping's

  • Diamond Manufacturing: Perforated Metal

  • SK Plastics: Injection Molding

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Hamlet & Smith provides sales coverage for the manufactures that want to sell their product in our particular territory which includes WI, IL, IA, MN, ND, and SD. We provide this service which eliminates the need for the manufactures to hire direct sales staff.  Based on all the years of traveling our territories, building strong relationships and constantly working our foundation of knowledge, gives us the upper hand to sell products that fit into the customer base we have been in since 1939.

Core Principles

We stand for quality not quantity.  We are very selective in our approach of representing companies.  Keeping our core principles at a smaller number allows us to focus on those principles and continue to maximize sales for those core principles.

Customer Service

We strive to be the best in our industry, one customer at time.  Our number one goal is always to increase sales and to represent each principle with the utmost respect and integrity.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
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1234 10th Ave

Grafton, WI 53024


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